If you would rather not see the 2017 BRUTAL medal designs until the end of your race, look away now!



We’ll start by talking about our LIMITED EDITION Gold BRUTALEER medal – which will only be awarded to the very toughest of BRUTAL runners.

5 different medals will be awarded at each of the 5 remaining BRUTAL races of 2017 (Congo Woods, Pyestock, Frith Hill, Spider Hill and Longmoor) and this 6th Gold BRUTALEER medal will be awarded to those runners who complete all 5 of these races and collect all 5 corresponding medals.


Runners who meet this criteria and qualify for the Gold BRUTALEER medal must bring and present all 5 medals to the BRUTAL team at BRUTAL Longmoor on 30th December 2017.


Runners are reminded that the “personal planning” required to bring all 5 medals with them is part of the fun and the challenge of becoming a fully-fledged BRUTALEER and earning this gold medal.

For this reason, gold medals will not be awarded to anyone who fails to show the team all 5 required medals – so please don’t forget them, lose them, or allow your dog to eat them!



So if you think you have what it takes to earn the gold medal (pictured below), you need to start by entering all remaining BRUTAL runs. You can CLICK HERE to do this now.





We wish you all the very best of luck with your upcoming races, and are looking forward to having an extra special reason to celebrate the end of 2017 with you at our “end-of-year” BRUTAL Longmoor race on 31th December 2017.

Keep scrolling to view the designs for each of the individual races.


Medals will now be offered at every BRUTAL run.

Previously, runners only had one chance to earn a BRUTAL medal – at our Men and Women Only BRUTALs in January.

But at BRUTAL Congo Stream on 17th June 2017, the first medals of our new collection will be awarded to all runners who cross the finish line.

The hexagonal design looks great as a stand alone medal, but also allows all the medals to connect together – no matter how many you out of the 6 (yes, 6!!) you earn.