If entering a Brutal10 isn’t quenching your thirst for mud, sweat and leg aching pain then why not join one of our training sessions?

Known for their evil streak when competing or designing a Brutal10 course, The Brutal Team invites you to join them for a quality training session. Warm up, drills, running, technique training and a little fun and then more running. Although it sounds terrible, even for accomplished runners, the Brutal Team will tailor the activities to suit all abilities. Newbie runners and special forces soldiers are all welcome.

Brutal Training (free)

Colin and Dave host free training sessions throughout the year, usually around 1hr long and use their army career PT experience to deliver a fantastic work out. Details are shown below.

Military Fitness 4U Training

We’ve partnered up with these guys who offer a similar training session on a regular basis. They charge for their time but it’s a regular work out with well trained PT instructors, most of whom are also ex-services.



Free Training Sessions Run By Colin and Dave.


Brutal Training Session: Puttenham Common

When: 11 August

Meet: 1845

Start: 1900

Location: Puttenham Common, The Tarn car park 200m South West of the post code GU31 1BG on the right. Grid Reference SU912458. Look out for the Brutal signs and come and introduce yourself.


First aiders, Brutal hoodies £25, Brutal T-shirts (Red, white, blue and black) £9, headovers £5. Let us know your requirements on facebook.

The Training

About 1 hour for all levels round a loop with plenty of “fun” on the way. This will be variety training in the surroundings of other runners.

Everyone is welcome, bring your friends and spread the word. The more the merrier.


The training will not be cancelled whatever the weather. Bring plenty of clothing options.


Finally, we have to say that you must understand you are taking part at your own risk.

Upcoming Events:

The next Brutal is Minley on Sat 16 August 2014 with a 5km, 10km and 20km. Closest post code – GU17 9UF. Signed off the A327 at Grid Reference SU827577 1.7km north of junction 4a M3, parking is in a large field. See further details HERE.