Longmoor 31 Dec 2016

Race across the Army training camp, tear through the water hole and driver training area and into the wilds of no-man's-land... the perfect antidote for that Christmas holiday indulgence!
Longmoor, Liss, Hampshire 
Signed from nearest post code GU33 6AZ

28 December 2015 - 10.00

Look up your number which will be against your surname on the registration boards and then inform the volunteer marshals at the Registration desk of that number. You'll be handed your race chip and number bib, then you're ready to go!
Parking is free for runners and spectators.

What to wear
Off-Road trainers - but not your best ones!

Event Features





A well established race, we will be visiting all the good bits again. One or two laps of an 8k course taking you into the sand dunes, with an abundance of hill climbs later. Water features to cool runners off before subsequent climbs where the course twists and turns before heading back into the arena for the finish or second lap. All in all a true Brutal race to finish the year providing excellent viewing areas for the family and friends very close to the arena.

Chip timing is provided by Emit UK. Collect your race chip and race number at registration. Watch the results unfold at www.race-results.info.
First aid
First Aiders will be present at the start / finish.
Water station at the half way point and the finish line.
Don't forget
Whilst this is a very wet course the water sections are all depth tested. The race course will never go through water deeper than waist height.
Canicross start: 9:45am; 8k & 16km runner start 10am


Men+Women U40

Men Women Vet

1st Brutal goodies Brutal goodies
2nd Brutal goodies
3rd Brutal goodies
Location map

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Other information
Please note, for insurance purposes, we only allow those 13 years old and over to race.

If you are unable to race do not give your entry to another person. There are several reasons for this. 1. We need runners to sign our Terms and Conditions. 2. With incorrect emergency contact details we won't be able to inform your family should a medical incident occur. 3. You will make the event's results incorrect and delay everyone receiving their finish times and places.

Canicross start: 9:50am; 8k Race start 10am.