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Our support staff team is the back bone to every race we run, no race could be staged without their hard work and dedication. They are there to register our runners and provide advice before the race, direct and cheer during the race, and to ensure that the runners all get around the course safely.

We have an increasing list of support staff and we’re always on the lookout for more volunteers to help build the team as BRUTAL grows. If you’d like to join us then please join our Volunteer Newsletter.

Are you injured? Would you like to support us at an event?

If you can’t take part and you’d like to give something back to running, then volunteering could be perfect for you. Instead of sitting around at home or in the car at the event with your twisted ankle, why not come along and help all the other runners make the most of their BRUTAL run?

What tasks are there?

We try and rotate our volunteer staff so that everyone experiences different tasks during the course of the year. However, some individuals want to do specific tasks as it better suits their strength. We can cater to an individual’s preference, just let us know!

Tasks include: Car parking, Greeting, Registration, Marshalling, and Water station, Arena support and Tail end charlie.

Why should I be a Volunteer?

You may have appreciated the friendly support staff, at a BRUTAL you recently completed, in the arena or out on the course. As a volunteer you will be expected to offer advice, answer questions and simply offer encouragement. Your contribution will be critical in delivering another successful BRUTAL race. Volunteer staff receive a huge amount of appreciation from the runners and spectators alike.


A few comments from one of our races:

Andy Little “A big thank you to the organisers and especially the marshals who encouraged us on the way round. Another excellent event”.

Mathilde Barbier ”Well done to the whole team for the smiles & words of encouragement along the way … and a special thank you to Sarah Brutal Doctor for her pre-race advice!”

Michelle Clark ”Thank you to all the helpers, fab job and lovely couple manning the 5k water station”

What are the perks?

Apart from becoming part of a well organised relaxed team with the emphasis on the competitor. We provide our loyal helpers with free BRUTAL clothing and everyone gets a meal on race day. Twice a year we take our volunteer team out for a meal.


How do I get on the Volunteer List?

Firstly, you need to join the Volunteer Newsletter; your name is then added to our volunteer list. A few weeks before each race we’ll send out an email asking for support with event details. You then let us know whether you’re available and if you are walking injured or have a preference to the role you’ll undertake you can advise us at this point. If you have a query/question just email Colin at run@brutalrun.co.uk.

The week of the event we will send out a Volunteer staff list with a detailed map which will tell you your tasks and location with outline timings. We will be in close contact before and during the event, so there’s no need to worry. The first volunteer on site is 07:30 for Car parking and Registration and in general you are clear by 13:00. We can cater for your needs should you want to race or get away early or arrive later.

Join our Volunteer Newsletter