We welcome canicross athletes and dogs at all Brutal events. If you would like to join us read on or visit one of the links below.

What is Canicross
Canicross is the sport of running off-road with your dog. You wear a waistbelt which attaches via a 2-metre bungee line to a padded dog harness. It is a good way to keep both you and your dog fit whilst enjoying the great outdoors together. It provides a physical workout for your dog and the use of directional commands will help him to learn to use his brain and build up his confidence.

Canicross trail runners – club

Cani-X – information

Brutal Canicross Rules
You must be proficient at running with a suitable dog.

Use the correct equipment (not a regular dog lead.)

Abide by the standards of the industry.

Spaces are limited to 30 per Brutal event for insurance purposes.

Canicross runners park together at one end of the car park.

Canicross events start 15 minutes earlier than the normal published time – usually 09:45

Dogs can be credited in the canicross race results if you enter their name whilst registering online.