We are so excited to announce that Salming Running will be sponsoring our BRUTAL events for 2016!

They are giving away over £2,000 worth of shoes as prizes, as well as discount vouchers!!

But if you can’t wait till then (we don’t blame you) check out the Salming Trail T2s which are perfect for ultimate performance across our technical terrains. This extremely versatile and lightweight trail shoe features some of our latest innovations allowing you to perform at your very best when exploring the rugged outdoors! The T2 has a new outsole compound which significantly improves grip in wet conditions. The RocShield™ protective area provides needed side shielding, while the dynamic outer sole features a high grip non-slip lug pattern made from our most durable rubber compound. Dig into any terrain with the light, technical and reactive Salming Trail T2!

You can shop both Men’s and Women’s T2s HERE.