Enduro 2/3 July 2016

We are sad to inform you that we are no longer able to offer canicross at any of our events including the enduro. The MOD has changed it's policy towards canicross events held on their land. Please accept our sincere apologies. We are aware this is very late notice for those of you looking forward to joining us this weekend. Please read the information email at the following URL to select an option: http://eepurl.com/b7MCOb

18 hour Enduro run, over about a 10km route. Starting at 14:00pm 2nd July and finishing at 08:00am on 3rd July, you can enter as a solo, pair or team. This will be a fantastic event for friends to team up, set up camp and complete this mammoth race. It's also the perfect opportunity to try out your night vision goggles, head torches and ultimately your stamina! Canicross welcome (13:45 start).

We'll have FREE camping facilities with a quite area and a noisy area. There will be free tea and coffee and an all night cafe. There will be a marquee for chilling out and bag storage and a real party atmosphere. 

For the rest of the family, and to finish the event off, we'll be hosting a free kids 1km run at 13:00 2nd July, so don't forget the kid's trainers!

Prefer a 10km trail run? Join us for a 13:30 start. More details HERE!
Minley Training land, Blackwater Valley, GU17 9UF

2 July 2016 - 14:00

Enduro Solo entry £50.00
Enduro Team relay of 2 £90.00
Enduro Team relay of 4 £180.00
Enduro Team relay 4-6 £45 each
Pick up your race number and race chip from the registration tent.
Ample free car parking for competitors and spectators.

What to wear
Being prepared will guarantee you a great night event so please read below our recommended check list of necessitates.

A few set of clothes: although it's not a muddy course you may get cold from sweat in-between laps.
Head torch with spare batteries
Reserve torch
Tent - without holes
Spare shoes
Brutal head over
High Viz clothing
There's an all night cafe and free nutrition supplements, but please do bring your own camping stoves too!

Event Features







The route is not muddy like a normal Brutal run. It'll be relatively flat, dry trail routes, that weave in and around the Brutal camp area. The route loops into the transition area at 5k allowing for any emergency resupplies. Clear route marking will leave you to focus on enjoying yourself!

EMIT Electronic timing chips. 1 chip per team or solo runner. Pass the timing chip between team runners. Team relay members must hand over their chip in the 'transition' area.
First aid
First aiders and a doctor will be located at race HQ.
There are toilets with running water, but no showers.
Water station at the half way point which is close to the start/finish and also at the finish line.
Water stations along with FREE tea and coffee all night!
Don't forget
If you are unable to race do not give your entry to another person. There are several reasons for this. 1. We need runners to sign our Terms and Conditions. 2. With incorrect emergency contact details we won't be able to inform your family should a medical incident occur. 3. You will make the event's results incorrect and delay everyone receiving their finish times and places.
Free Kids 1km start time: 13:00; Minley 10km start time: 13:30; Canicross start time: 13:45am; Enduro Run start time: 14:00pm


M + W Solo and Pair (mixed 1st)

Team M + W + Mixed

1st Brutal goodies Brutal goodies
2nd Brutal goodies Brutal goodies
3rd Brutal goodies Brutal goodies
Location map
Other information
Canicross start time: 13:45pm; Enduro Run start time: 14:00
The clock stops at 08:00am - there is no racing after 08:00am 3 July.
The winner is the team or solo runner that has done the most number of complete laps within 18 hours, before 08:00
Where 2 runners have the same number of laps, the fastest overall time is used
If a lap takes 55 minutes then do not start a last lap at 07:10

Electronic timing chip
Each team is issued with 1 timing chip. This must be passed between relay members.
Team relay members must hand over their chip in  the "Transition" area.

Great family-friendly campsite open 11am Saturday to 10am Sunday. We'll have a marquee for chilling out and bag storage.